School first day!!!

today we start to study back!!!
huh... tired.. :(
Now, I study at SMK Indera Mahkota 2, Kuantan..
this were the pictures that I snap before we went to our school..
pose by my sister, Izzah
1,2,3 SNAP!!! hehehe :D
look at my badge and my shoes colours..
totally different..
my new class timetable..
First class.. LOL!!! :D
watching television before went to school-
irsyad and haziq
when I walk to my class... I was shocked because... I sat at front sit not like my thought that I will sit at back of the class... the class was very noisy...
there were 40 student in my class that include.. malays.. chinesse.. indian students...
1 Malaysia class..hehehe :D
and not only I was the new student there... there was a boy that new student too... :D
this school so different with my old school...
but I think I will suitable myself at there.. I hope..
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pink diary said...

weyh!dok ostel ker?

Lady Lavender said...

Nope.. My new school just like our primary school... No hostel!!!!! XD

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