Birthday Celebrate @ Burger King, TC!

now story about birthday celebration  on this month!
not my birthday but my brother birthday!
he had be twelve years old boy!

Kawaii or not????
yum!yum! honey chicken too!

Eat at Burger King for the second celebration!

I wish him get 5A's in UPSR this year!
got 5A's just like me okay!
and we will go to SINGAPORE!!!
yeah Universal Studios!

and also my father birthday on 17 February!

but we just wish it..
wish my father will had long life!
I love him as him is a great great great father in the world!

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My leisure

okay now I want to share my hobby..
I was a girl that love to read comics and also novels!
but not Malays novel... I like to read English novel like Water for elephants, Twilight and many more..
but now I want to share my hobby  about..


My comics collection..
100% Malays Language

see my collection just a little..
because I just borrow my friends comics..
but now so easy  for me to buy new comics because my house is nearby to 7 Eleven shop!

100% Japanese language

that were Clannad novel..
I bought it at Japan last year..
seriously I just look through the manga strips.. and not read it because I don't know read nippon-go!
now I was be the Animax addict... I always watched chanel ANIMAX during night.. to watch:


they were so kawaii!

after that I will watched:

everyday I watched Japanese animate..
that's why I not got K-POP influence..

okay.. need to go..

By the way.. what you do in your leisure time?
I want to know..
please comments...

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Score A Seminar! Awesome!

this is the answer for this entry... just click >here< if you all not read this entry!

I going to Shahputra University College yesterday  to...
attend Seminar Score A program!
for PMR..
the program so awesome and I it..
more important is the program not waste my time!

want to know about the new program? Just  >here<
this were first time they held seminar at Kuantan!
as my style I had snap some pictures!
but I just take picture..
during the History subject!
Mr. V. Chandrakanth
 If you want to know.. Mr. Chandrakanth was a writer for many history revision books including:
I was like.. argh! I don't believe it! The writer will give me some tips and tricks!

 By the way all the student got this:

we need to finished the work if we want get the best result in PMR!

at the end of the Seminar I had gain more knowledge and also tricks to answer my PMR paper!
What I can said just SUGOI!

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Cleaning Day!

yeah! You know what?
Last Saturday, my school had held Green Earth program..
we planting tree such as Cinnamon trees, meranti and many more..
almost 100 trees we planted..
after that we continue to cleaning our class!
as usual.. I will take some pictures..

Soffiah and Izzati

Stalker picture.. hehehe

Our class teacher.. Mrs Juraiha

we rearranged our table.. and I sit beside Maisarah..
the new girl..
About 12 o'clock I reached at my home..
and straightly went to my tuition class!

I was like I will ...
very- very tired!
and during Sunday I  going to ShahPutra University College..
want to know what I am doing there? 
                                                             read the next entry....

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Girls Guide Hot To Go!

yeah.. I am back from school..
today we take pictures around our school for Girl Guide Project!

and I remembered about my moment with girls guide at Clifford!


 the memorable moment in my life when we make 1 Malaysia video together!
I hope we will make video again.. 

*Tomorrow I will play chess!
wish me luck..
so long time not play chess..
miss it!

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Me And School!

yeah today I went to school and wear my scarf that had Clifford badge not Indera Mahkota 2 badge..
I am so lucky because no prefect scolded me!
I miss my old school and my friends!
when I wear CTL t-shirt.. I will miss my moment with my friends Ika, Eqah, Fizah, Konah and Others during the sports day...

erm, today my new school had motivation program by SSA( Seminar Skor A)
they also make the program at Shahputra University College!
my father give me permission and we need to pay RM 128
( actually we had to pay RM 148 but it had discounts!)
so I will join the program on 19 February 2012...
and I will not go to tuition at Belwin..

*want to wash my school shoes! and doing my Geography homework..
school on Tuesday!
(wish me get 8A'S this PMR! because I want  go to JAPAN again!)

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