I seriously miss them..

Happy Chinesse New Year to all readers that celebrate it..
now was the holidays.. yeah I'm not schooling for about a week...
and the Miss Homework accompany me.. Thank you so much my dear teacher.. :D
erm.. I was very miss the sweet moment at Clifford and also my primary school... also my moment at Japan..
if I was at Merapoh now, I think I still meet my old friends..
but now I can't because it take 4 hours to go Kuala Lipis..
so far far away..
I miss my Friends:
 asya, muni, mira, ayu, ezzati, ijah, ika, annis, teha, hafizah adnan, aqilah, eqah, peah, jannah, atirah, hanis, zaza,aina, konah, farah, yatt, fadzwin, bella n others..
hey dears.. when you came kuantan.. feel free to visit me.. I miss you all a lot..
because you all is the best I ever had so I will FRIEND you..
(just like greyson chance lyrics but I REPLACE the words UNfriend with Friend)..
.and I can't find the person like you all anymore here.. >_<

IKA and ANNIS.. I miss you too..  >_<
I want school at Clifford again!!! I feel like I am prisoner when I sit besides my new classmate..

I Really Really Miss THEM!!!!  I really hope that I can meet you all AGAIN!!! >_<

During my birthday celebration at hostel.
( Lets celebrate together again!!!)

Trip to Japan 2011
( I want go to meetup.. but I can't.. so far away!!!)

Hostel celebration at Clifford Hostel
( Come celebrate it again together!!!)
In the end of our 1 Malaysia video making
( Lets making video again!!!)
At Girls Hostel after Quran Recite Program
(I want to join this ceremony again)
1 Pending 3 2010
( Lets take picture together again!!!)
At SK Merapoh prayer
(I want to snap pictures here again!!!)
During the preparation of retire our principal
(I want Ika and Annis beside me!!!)

6 Cemerlang 2009
(Lets reunited again!!!)
2 Kerongsang 3 2011
( Hey lets make our class party again!!!)
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Nur Faiqah Amzah said...

Miss u badly!.. :'(

Lady Lavender said...

I miss you so much!!! >_< faiqah..

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