ABBAMART X Althea.Kr Haul: Reviews + Makeup Tutorial!

Hi so back in end of September has a new brand for their website which is ABBAMART!
So I was so excited with their packaging and get my hand on those item that I want and that is not available. *I want to buy lots of item but most of them sold out* Worry less now its already restock!
💋Use "airaamir108" before you check out your cart for extra RM5 off!
I bought these items:
🌻Kiss Of Flavor Lipstick #Misty Apricot (RM24)
🌻Easy Drawing Eyebrow Pencil #Dark Brown (RM12)
🌻Shy Smile Blusher Pearl #Rose Gold (RM22)
🌻Switch Up Highlighter #MoonLight (RM22)
🌻Shy Smile Blusher No Pearl #Soft Coral (RM22)
🌻Fed-Tan Bronzer #Tanning Powder (RM22)
🌻You Can Cover Me Concealer #Light (RM12)
🌻Colour Change Up Brow Mascara #Choc Brown (RM22)
🌻Triple Eyeshadow #Sand Wave (RM21)
🌻New Delight Tony Tint #Cherry Pink (FREE)

For review of this items,watch this video:

Colour swatches

Colour swatches

Everyday make up looks🙈

To get this looks go watch this:

So thats all. Thanks for reading😊

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Velvet Vanity Blood Wasted Matte Lipstick Review!

So hello everyone!
Recently I bought matte liquid lipstick from Velvet Vanity.
One of my friends introduce this brand to me and I thanks her a lot!
I bought shade Blood Wasted as its the only shade that available and on discount!!!
I just pay RM35 and no shipping cost as it free postage😆
Blood wasted is deepest red colour and give me the bold looks. *seriously one of my university staff greet me😅 because of this lipstick while my friends said I looks like a witch*
This brand is vegan free make up brand and made up from natural ingredients such as coconut oil.
So lets get started on the review;
Consistency obviously a liquid but dont put on a lots of this as it will get messy. Real messy *watch my youtube video below*
Smell, it smells like a chocolate and sweet. I love the smell and feel like want to eat those lipstick😂
Stain yes this lipstick does stain on my cup BUT after all Asam Pedas for lunch it still didnt vanish and still hold up but not as bright as first time you put on your lip.
*I forgot to take the photo after lunch*
Pigmentation This colour screams my name when I first saw it and I was like; I need to get this. I love the pigmentation as you dont need to apply tons of layer as the colour is pigmented itself.
Lightweight Yes it didnt feel anything on my lip as it so light and not drying my lip.
As it mentioned on packaging box, you have to exfoliate your lip first so you will get the best looks. *Dry and crack lip not good for matte lipstick*
It come in this little box with a card.

Swatches on my hand
Colour swatches on my lip in artificial lighting

Colour swatches on my lip in natural lighting

Watch my video on this product review here:

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