Me NO!!!

Badminton >_<

I so sad today because what I want.. I don't get it!!!
I'm new student so, I meet the senior assistant teacher of curicullum   ...
then, he said that chess club had full of student..
so, I need to be a part of badminton club..
during our meeting, we had to choose the president and other office..
because only three girls that from form 3... (me, Sofea and Izzati)
but Izzati was the prefect so teacher refuse to choose her be vice chairman of badminton club this year..
so only I and Sofea left.. and the teacher choose me!!! and I just agree.. actually I think I want to refuses it but because I want go back to home early today so I just said "YES"..
and Sofea been the money collector... (Iwau Koto Sofea!!!)
erm... I really miss the chess club room at SMK  Clifford >_<
but I will be responsible with the duty  that  had  be giving to me...
wish me luck okay!!!
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