Lovely Month In The Year!

do you all realise that tomorrow is first February for this year???
February had many special event that most of the people celebrate it..
such as:-

For the couples only!
Buy special gift for your lover  for valentine here!

1) valentine day (Erm, I not celebrate it!)
2)Our prophet Muhammad birthday( Maulidur  Rasul) ^_^  
3)My brother and father birthday! also my friend birthday!  XD

I miss her!

4) Go to school on Saturday to recover our Chinesse New Year holidays! >_< 
5)Still study at my new school! and... I feel like I will die if  I need to sit besides ___... >_<

*Need to edit my assignment!!! Stomata Oh Stomata!

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I not the Salesgirl!!!

After I back from tuition..
My family and I went to Kuantan Parade!
then, we went to BATA shop to buy my brother black shoes!
Guess what!
My father make joking, and said to me: Dik nak saiz kasut bla..bla..bla..
I laugh.. and around 2 minutes...
there were one guy with his son...
ask me!
Adik nak kasut saiz...
Then I said:  tak.. saya tak kerja kat sini...
the guy reply: La, nampak cam pekerja je, sebab tengok sekeliling jer...
My father laugh!
argh! very funny story today!
and my brother said: Lepas SPM kau kerja lah kat situ sementara waktu...
NO!!! I don't want!!!
I am the shopping girl not the salesgirl.. >_-
Is it I am too old than my age! I still 14 ++ my birthday on October okay!!!
I never want to go there again... @_@
and don't want the incident occur again!
Not funny at all! >_<

*tuition again tomorrow! >_<
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Special day!!!

want to know something???
today was the 1 month birthday to this blog!
yeah I just remember it! @_@
actually I forget about this.. TEHEE..
so, thank you because had follow my blog until I had 50 followers!
for me it was outstanding!
wish me to get more and more followers!!!
I will write more interesting story to you all..

* school will open in two days!
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A memorial gift...

I had finished tidy my baggage .. and AHAH.. I find the unique paper..
and I still remember what is it..
do you can recognise what was the pictures  show???
that's was the flowers origami that had be given to me by :-
The student from alimentary school that I visited at Japan last year..

the origami so kawaii and the makers too..
Arigatou Gozaimasu.. ^_^
I appreciate what them give...
 I still remember, when I was be the primary student, I always make origami..
origami was unique and I had fun doing it..
but now when I was had leisure time I will make it...
erm.. Japan.. I miss the clean air in the country...

*I still cannot recognise what the nice student write on the origami  -_-
 ( This girl forget to ask her foster parent..)
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I seriously miss them..

Happy Chinesse New Year to all readers that celebrate it..
now was the holidays.. yeah I'm not schooling for about a week...
and the Miss Homework accompany me.. Thank you so much my dear teacher.. :D
erm.. I was very miss the sweet moment at Clifford and also my primary school... also my moment at Japan..
if I was at Merapoh now, I think I still meet my old friends..
but now I can't because it take 4 hours to go Kuala Lipis..
so far far away..
I miss my Friends:
 asya, muni, mira, ayu, ezzati, ijah, ika, annis, teha, hafizah adnan, aqilah, eqah, peah, jannah, atirah, hanis, zaza,aina, konah, farah, yatt, fadzwin, bella n others..
hey dears.. when you came kuantan.. feel free to visit me.. I miss you all a lot..
because you all is the best I ever had so I will FRIEND you..
(just like greyson chance lyrics but I REPLACE the words UNfriend with Friend)..
.and I can't find the person like you all anymore here.. >_<

IKA and ANNIS.. I miss you too..  >_<
I want school at Clifford again!!! I feel like I am prisoner when I sit besides my new classmate..

I Really Really Miss THEM!!!!  I really hope that I can meet you all AGAIN!!! >_<

During my birthday celebration at hostel.
( Lets celebrate together again!!!)

Trip to Japan 2011
( I want go to meetup.. but I can't.. so far away!!!)

Hostel celebration at Clifford Hostel
( Come celebrate it again together!!!)
In the end of our 1 Malaysia video making
( Lets making video again!!!)
At Girls Hostel after Quran Recite Program
(I want to join this ceremony again)
1 Pending 3 2010
( Lets take picture together again!!!)
At SK Merapoh prayer
(I want to snap pictures here again!!!)
During the preparation of retire our principal
(I want Ika and Annis beside me!!!)

6 Cemerlang 2009
(Lets reunited again!!!)
2 Kerongsang 3 2011
( Hey lets make our class party again!!!)
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Tuition + cinema = forget all

today I went to tuition.. yeah.. at new place.. Belwin not at The vibrant Readers( TVR) anymore..
so far so good.. I enjoyed the class with my classmates.. Soffiah and Izzati..
today I learn history,  english and science subject.. maybe it more been revision today.. because we just do revision exercise...

after the class end on 3o'clock I went to Berjaya Megamall.. The traffic so crowded because our Prime Minister come Kuantan today..we went to watch movie there. My uncle spent I and my siblings for movie tickets..
we watch Journey 2 mysterious island... so interesting and awesome story.. I love it..

* I forget all what I learn at the tuition.. I think I need to revise it again..
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Me NO!!!

Badminton >_<

I so sad today because what I want.. I don't get it!!!
I'm new student so, I meet the senior assistant teacher of curicullum   ...
then, he said that chess club had full of student..
so, I need to be a part of badminton club..
during our meeting, we had to choose the president and other office..
because only three girls that from form 3... (me, Sofea and Izzati)
but Izzati was the prefect so teacher refuse to choose her be vice chairman of badminton club this year..
so only I and Sofea left.. and the teacher choose me!!! and I just agree.. actually I think I want to refuses it but because I want go back to home early today so I just said "YES"..
and Sofea been the money collector... (Iwau Koto Sofea!!!)
erm... I really miss the chess club room at SMK  Clifford >_<
but I will be responsible with the duty  that  had  be giving to me...
wish me luck okay!!!
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PMR victim!!!

I had got a lots of homework to do...
argh... why I had to do this homework.. >_<
now was holidays.. so I want to feel free in this two days..
but the homework not gives me the chances..
yeah I know this year I will take exam..
so I need to focuses and do all the homework...
the prizes so best because I will go to Japan again if I get 8A's..
the land of the rising sun...
I hope and I really want get 8A's..
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School first day!!!

today we start to study back!!!
huh... tired.. :(
Now, I study at SMK Indera Mahkota 2, Kuantan..
this were the pictures that I snap before we went to our school..
pose by my sister, Izzah
1,2,3 SNAP!!! hehehe :D
look at my badge and my shoes colours..
totally different..
my new class timetable..
First class.. LOL!!! :D
watching television before went to school-
irsyad and haziq
when I walk to my class... I was shocked because... I sat at front sit not like my thought that I will sit at back of the class... the class was very noisy...
there were 40 student in my class that include.. malays.. chinesse.. indian students...
1 Malaysia class..hehehe :D
and not only I was the new student there... there was a boy that new student too... :D
this school so different with my old school...
but I think I will suitable myself at there.. I hope..
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King of fruits: Durians

happy new year..
I think now is season of durians.. because every time I passing the road I will saw stall that sell durians...
so.. this was pictures that I snap.. during we ate durians...
smell fruits but the taste was amazed!!!

over pose by my last brother irsyad!!!
over pose by my first brother, haziq!!!

my uncle tried to open the durians. because it was to hard to open the fruits...
^_^ enjoy the taste....

wait more story by me...

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happy new year everyone....
this year I will celebrate my fifteen birthday on 8 October...
I was very excited... I am getting older than before....
FIFTEEN like this song by Taylor Swift:

but not only I will getting older.... my inspiration, Greyson Chance will celebrate his fifteen birthday too on 16 August this year... meanwhile Cody Simpson will celebrate his fifteen birthday on this 11 January... very fast...
Cody and Greyson

by the way all of us will getting older and older every year....
this year I will take the very important exam that will prove what I had learn in this 3 years..
I hope I will get 8 A's... ~InsyaAllah~

see ya with more story by me...
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