I not the Salesgirl!!!

After I back from tuition..
My family and I went to Kuantan Parade!
then, we went to BATA shop to buy my brother black shoes!
Guess what!
My father make joking, and said to me: Dik nak saiz kasut bla..bla..bla..
I laugh.. and around 2 minutes...
there were one guy with his son...
ask me!
Adik nak kasut saiz...
Then I said:  tak.. saya tak kerja kat sini...
the guy reply: La, nampak cam pekerja je, sebab tengok sekeliling jer...
My father laugh!
argh! very funny story today!
and my brother said: Lepas SPM kau kerja lah kat situ sementara waktu...
NO!!! I don't want!!!
I am the shopping girl not the salesgirl.. >_-
Is it I am too old than my age! I still 14 ++ my birthday on October okay!!!
I never want to go there again... @_@
and don't want the incident occur again!
Not funny at all! >_<

*tuition again tomorrow! >_<
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