A memorial gift...

I had finished tidy my baggage .. and AHAH.. I find the unique paper..
and I still remember what is it..
do you can recognise what was the pictures  show???
that's was the flowers origami that had be given to me by :-
The student from alimentary school that I visited at Japan last year..

the origami so kawaii and the makers too..
Arigatou Gozaimasu.. ^_^
I appreciate what them give...
 I still remember, when I was be the primary student, I always make origami..
origami was unique and I had fun doing it..
but now when I was had leisure time I will make it...
erm.. Japan.. I miss the clean air in the country...

*I still cannot recognise what the nice student write on the origami  -_-
 ( This girl forget to ask her foster parent..)
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