ALTHEA.Kr Christmas Wish List : Aira Amir

Hello everyone! So for today entry, I am joining contest from Althea.Kr website! 
Link below::::
You know how much I love Althea from the boxes that I kept, I have like 5 boxes and more to come this Christmas! I can't wait for my althea box to come and hoping that I will win this contest. 
*Pray for me🙋* 
Oh yes, I will keep uploading my Althea haul video soon since my recent bought just arrived. so stay tuned at my Youtube Channel ---> Aira Amir
Since I am having a bad skin condition lately so my wish box will be full with skincare, which is a little bit different because I AM A MAKE UP JUNKIES! But damage has be made, and I am now minimise myself from too much of make up. Healing my face from all the problems is hard!
So let's get started!
The first item that I be longing for is Banila Co Clean It Zero. In order to get a better skin I believe that we need a good make up remover, and this hands up the most excellent remover as it give you a clean face effect! Its works pretty amazing guys!

Onsaemeein Skin Solution Magic Powder also on one of my list as I really need this product to get rid my acne forever! clear skin help make up to apply better and look gorgeous!

Only God KNOW how much I hate my pore! So large and my foundation hardly to apply and cover up the pore! Thus, I really believe that SkinMiso Pore Corset Serum will help to shrink my pores and permanently destroyed it! Hopefully...
For eyes, I really want to try Saem Iceland Micro Hydrating Eye Stick. Apart from its cute packaging, I really want to feel its formula as it help to hydrate under eyes where easily get dry and cakey the concealer.

In addition of that, I also want Etude House Eye's Cream Mint Cooling to at least give me a fresh under eye and minimise my eyebag that getting bigger day by day due to my hard time as a student!
For lip care, I want the Secret Key Chubby Sweet Rip Scrup since I did not get a chance to get this as its already sold out by the time I make a haul on Althea. So by winning this contest I can get this scrub that I really want!
Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack is one of the skincare that I want as we know that our skin repaired itself during we sleep, so we need to have a good sleeping pack to help our skins better, I love green tea and I know this sleeping mask is good for my skin!
I need eye patch to minimise my eyebag and Petitfee Gold & EGF Eye Spot Patch sounds good to reduce it. Moreover this product really popular in Korean Beauty World, so why not give it a try? 
Lastly, a skincare will not complete without a mask so I really want to try Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Mask Wash Off as I believe apart from removing dead skin, honey also good for prone skin. Thus I will get lots of beneficial from this product!

So that is it for my Christmas Wish List and I realy HOPE that Santa Althea will make my dream comes true. So I believe that I have to keep on wishing. 
Oh yes all the items can be purchased on Althea.Kr website and link already be attached above. Love from Aira😘
P/s: Sorry for the long post🙄

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ABBAMART X Althea.Kr Haul: Reviews + Makeup Tutorial!

Hi so back in end of September has a new brand for their website which is ABBAMART!
So I was so excited with their packaging and get my hand on those item that I want and that is not available. *I want to buy lots of item but most of them sold out* Worry less now its already restock!
💋Use "airaamir108" before you check out your cart for extra RM5 off!
I bought these items:
🌻Kiss Of Flavor Lipstick #Misty Apricot (RM24)
🌻Easy Drawing Eyebrow Pencil #Dark Brown (RM12)
🌻Shy Smile Blusher Pearl #Rose Gold (RM22)
🌻Switch Up Highlighter #MoonLight (RM22)
🌻Shy Smile Blusher No Pearl #Soft Coral (RM22)
🌻Fed-Tan Bronzer #Tanning Powder (RM22)
🌻You Can Cover Me Concealer #Light (RM12)
🌻Colour Change Up Brow Mascara #Choc Brown (RM22)
🌻Triple Eyeshadow #Sand Wave (RM21)
🌻New Delight Tony Tint #Cherry Pink (FREE)

For review of this items,watch this video:

Colour swatches

Colour swatches

Everyday make up looks🙈

To get this looks go watch this:

So thats all. Thanks for reading😊

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Velvet Vanity Blood Wasted Matte Lipstick Review!

So hello everyone!
Recently I bought matte liquid lipstick from Velvet Vanity.
One of my friends introduce this brand to me and I thanks her a lot!
I bought shade Blood Wasted as its the only shade that available and on discount!!!
I just pay RM35 and no shipping cost as it free postage😆
Blood wasted is deepest red colour and give me the bold looks. *seriously one of my university staff greet me😅 because of this lipstick while my friends said I looks like a witch*
This brand is vegan free make up brand and made up from natural ingredients such as coconut oil.
So lets get started on the review;
Consistency obviously a liquid but dont put on a lots of this as it will get messy. Real messy *watch my youtube video below*
Smell, it smells like a chocolate and sweet. I love the smell and feel like want to eat those lipstick😂
Stain yes this lipstick does stain on my cup BUT after all Asam Pedas for lunch it still didnt vanish and still hold up but not as bright as first time you put on your lip.
*I forgot to take the photo after lunch*
Pigmentation This colour screams my name when I first saw it and I was like; I need to get this. I love the pigmentation as you dont need to apply tons of layer as the colour is pigmented itself.
Lightweight Yes it didnt feel anything on my lip as it so light and not drying my lip.
As it mentioned on packaging box, you have to exfoliate your lip first so you will get the best looks. *Dry and crack lip not good for matte lipstick*
It come in this little box with a card.

Swatches on my hand
Colour swatches on my lip in artificial lighting

Colour swatches on my lip in natural lighting

Watch my video on this product review here:

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Singapore; Meet The Merlion

Throwback pengalaman Aira pergi ke Singapore bawah lawatan universiti tempat Aira menuntut ilmu.
Aira pergi dah lama, bulan Mac lagi masa mid sem break semester 2. Tapi tak teringat nak share pengalaman kat sana. So hari ni barulah teringat nak share dengan korang.
Basically kami ulang alik setiap hari from Johor Bharu ke Singapore. Agak penat tapi fun jugalah sebab banyak berjalan. Overall fun gila sebab dapat kawan baru hahaha walaupun ramai senior.
selfie with Husin San, our caperon :)

First stop is National University of Singapore

Merlion yeay

Excited sampai sini acah acah Agent 47 sekejap

Pergi Singapore kena makan murtabak :)
Quite different dari Malaysia sebab inti dia kering macam serunding

Thanks for reading :)

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Review: Bourjois Rouge Edition AQUA Laque

So during the busyness of #MYCyberSale , I managed to get my hand on this lipstick!
Usual price basically RM34 but I bought this item on promo 3 items for RM49 on Hermo.My (make it 1 item form RM16)
Along side the lipstick I bought 2 tubes of mascara because why not💁 
Let's get back to our review. This lipstick have 8 shades but I only got 1 shade since I'm looking for an everyday look make up (That suit for me to go to university)
I bought the last shade which is 
08 Babe Idole.
This shade is soft pink colour that is not too overwhelmed and need to build in the layer by layer to get this colour. I make 2 layers and it's turns out good. Nice for everyday make up look as the colour so subtle and not to bright. (Depends on how many layer you applied)
Colour pay off on my lip
(Excuse my bare face)
Different flash off and on.

I honestly didn't like the smell as it's smell so artifical  (chemical kind of smell)
It's moisturise my lip as it not matte finish.
Just a nice wet finish.
Moreover this lipstick do leave stain and basically will dissappear when you eat or drink water😂😂😂 so you need to reapply it, if not you only left with ring around your lip. 
It also claimed that it can stand for 10hours in giving the hydration and hold the colour up. ( I will try to wear it for up to 10 hours and updated this below)
You also need to use lip make up remover as it does stain on you lip like liptint😯

Overall it's  a good lipstick for its price IF you didn't mind the smell.
You have to finish this lipstick within 6 months!!!
I guess that is everything for my review. Thank you for reading😗

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Mendaki Gunung Datuk, Gadong

Salam awal muharam and Happy October!
So hari pertama bulan 10 ni Aira ikut housemates pergi mendaki Gunung Datuk di Gadong. Why Gunung Datuk? Basically itu saja tempat mendaki yang dekat dengan tempat Aira belajar.
Nak mendaki dekat sini dikenakan bayaran RM5 tapi memang berbaloi dengan pemandangan yang dapat dilihat.
Perjalanan sangat memenatkan dan agak mencabar. Aira dan housemates start mendaki jam 7 pagi dan sampai 2 jam setengah lepas tu. *Lambat setengah jam dari estimated time kami* Banyak kali jugalah kami berhenti rehat sebab penat nya yang amat.  Aira tak sure berapa kilometre perjalanan memdaki gunung tu tapi kalau tak silap bawah 2km.
Tapak permulaan.
Halfway jalan masa tu seriously Aira dah demotivated and rasa macam nak turun balik. Tapi nasib lah ada hikers yang ramah gila bagi semangat suruh naik. Diaorang cakap sikit lagi dik, sikit lagi. And Aira masa tu fikir okaylah naik lah kan dah alang2 nak sampai.
Berhenti rehat sebentar.
The most devastated moment bila dah lama daki bukit then nampak sign board ni. Masa tu rasa Ya Allah nak dekat dah ni tapi memang tak larat. Denai makin curam dan menakutkan. Tapi Alhamdullilah ada kekuatan nak teruskan juga.
Ganjaran pemandangan yang dapat dilihat.

#Aira tak naik sampai ke betul betul puncak sebab Aira gayat. Paranoid mengigil tangan sebab lepas panjat tangga besi tu kena panjat lagi 2 tangga besi untuk sampai ke actual puncak😂
Eventough tak naik sampai ke tempat paling tinggi tapi pemandangannya still cantik. Sejuk pula tu. Aira kurang tangkap gambar sebab sibuk cari Pokemon then bateri habis. Ramai juga pakcik pakcik hikers tegur sebab sempat lagi Aira main pokemon😂😂😂
Perjalanan turun sama memenatkan dan nasiblah ada 2 orang abang polis tolong guide kami turun balik. Yela masa tu semua tak sabar nak sampai bawah sampai terjatuh *Aira je yang banyak jatuh*. Dengan menggigil lagi kaki penat. Jadi Aira memang suggest anda semua pergi mendaki sendiri Gunung Datuk ini untuk merasai pengalaman ini sendiri. Penat dan lenguh sampai ke malam tapi berbaloi😂
Oh ye ada kedai makan jual cendol dekat area entrance. So lepas dah penat lelah mendaki turun boleh lah makan cendol😉
Pada sesiapa yang nak pergi nanti HAVE FUN GAIS!

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