Yesterday was very exciting day because all of the girl guides had cooking competition!
although some of us not know how to cook.. but we can make it!
you want to know what I, syafiqah, syakirah, Rohaida and also Elma cook?
just continue read this entry!
 tadaa~~~ that's was what we had cook:

Hotdog with mashed potato and salad!

delicious? try it and you will know!

How to make it:-


3) A few of planta

Mashed potato:
2) salt
3) black pepper

1) Cabbage 
2)  Mayonnaise

Step by step:
1) boiled the potato with salt...
2) while the potato in cooking, fry the sausages and pick up until it cook well...
3) then, cut the cabbages and mix it with mayonnaise...
4) spread the bread with the planta....
5) when the potato had cooked, mashed it until it looks soft and put black pepper and some salt.
6) put the sausage  in the bread and serve mashed potato and salad separate...
7) ready to served!

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London here we go!

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