How could them leave me!

Oh no!
I want to cry... because tomorrow two of my best friends will be transfer to another class!
Just only I and Izzati! we only can meet during the recess! Not fair!
I disagree because they are my best friends forever and is it fair if we will be apart?
argh! really in dilemma!
that not worst thing! not only two of them will leave me! there were more my friends will leave me!
I don't know who are the victims!

*By the way, I am really happy because I had win 3 games on the chess tournament!
New record!

that's all gonna eat Pizza Hut!
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ametyst said...

tu larh!! sye sedih gler!! huwargh!! :(

ametyst said...

jom kuar bndar lepas balik tuisyen..beli hadiah..nak x?? lagi pown ari isnin befday sye..^^

Aira Amir said...

@ametystnanti saya tanya ayah saya!
taoi.. sapa nak hantar saya balik?

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