Score A Seminar! Awesome!

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I going to Shahputra University College yesterday  to...
attend Seminar Score A program!
for PMR..
the program so awesome and I it..
more important is the program not waste my time!

want to know about the new program? Just  >here<
this were first time they held seminar at Kuantan!
as my style I had snap some pictures!
but I just take picture..
during the History subject!
Mr. V. Chandrakanth
 If you want to know.. Mr. Chandrakanth was a writer for many history revision books including:
I was like.. argh! I don't believe it! The writer will give me some tips and tricks!

 By the way all the student got this:

we need to finished the work if we want get the best result in PMR!

at the end of the Seminar I had gain more knowledge and also tricks to answer my PMR paper!
What I can said just SUGOI!

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