Birthday Celebrate @ Burger King, TC!

now story about birthday celebration  on this month!
not my birthday but my brother birthday!
he had be twelve years old boy!

Kawaii or not????
yum!yum! honey chicken too!

Eat at Burger King for the second celebration!

I wish him get 5A's in UPSR this year!
got 5A's just like me okay!
and we will go to SINGAPORE!!!
yeah Universal Studios!

and also my father birthday on 17 February!

but we just wish it..
wish my father will had long life!
I love him as him is a great great great father in the world!

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ciksukaberangan said...

wah. cute2 ^^ bestnye sambut makan burger king :)

Lady Aira said...

forget to invited you.. XD

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