Me And School!

yeah today I went to school and wear my scarf that had Clifford badge not Indera Mahkota 2 badge..
I am so lucky because no prefect scolded me!
I miss my old school and my friends!
when I wear CTL t-shirt.. I will miss my moment with my friends Ika, Eqah, Fizah, Konah and Others during the sports day...

erm, today my new school had motivation program by SSA( Seminar Skor A)
they also make the program at Shahputra University College!
my father give me permission and we need to pay RM 128
( actually we had to pay RM 148 but it had discounts!)
so I will join the program on 19 February 2012...
and I will not go to tuition at Belwin..

*want to wash my school shoes! and doing my Geography homework..
school on Tuesday!
(wish me get 8A'S this PMR! because I want  go to JAPAN again!)

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