My leisure

okay now I want to share my hobby..
I was a girl that love to read comics and also novels!
but not Malays novel... I like to read English novel like Water for elephants, Twilight and many more..
but now I want to share my hobby  about..


My comics collection..
100% Malays Language

see my collection just a little..
because I just borrow my friends comics..
but now so easy  for me to buy new comics because my house is nearby to 7 Eleven shop!

100% Japanese language

that were Clannad novel..
I bought it at Japan last year..
seriously I just look through the manga strips.. and not read it because I don't know read nippon-go!
now I was be the Animax addict... I always watched chanel ANIMAX during night.. to watch:


they were so kawaii!

after that I will watched:

everyday I watched Japanese animate..
that's why I not got K-POP influence..

okay.. need to go..

By the way.. what you do in your leisure time?
I want to know..
please comments...

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