Cleaning Day!

yeah! You know what?
Last Saturday, my school had held Green Earth program..
we planting tree such as Cinnamon trees, meranti and many more..
almost 100 trees we planted..
after that we continue to cleaning our class!
as usual.. I will take some pictures..

Soffiah and Izzati

Stalker picture.. hehehe

Our class teacher.. Mrs Juraiha

we rearranged our table.. and I sit beside Maisarah..
the new girl..
About 12 o'clock I reached at my home..
and straightly went to my tuition class!

I was like I will ...
very- very tired!
and during Sunday I  going to ShahPutra University College..
want to know what I am doing there? 
                                                             read the next entry....

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