Review: Metholatum Botanics Foaming Face Wash

Hi yalls. So this post will be my full review on Metholatum Botanics Foaming Face Wash.
This product has two different foaming wash which are for Whitening (suitable for all skin types) and Oil&Blemish Control Foaming Wash (suitable for oily/combination skin). I will review on the oil&blemish control since I got my hands on that one and I have a combination skin😂
First of all I already do a review on Hydra Whitening Face Wash (same like the whitening foam but in tube) here is the link: Hydra Whitening Face Wash Review
The packaging for foaming wash is just simple shape with pump. Be cautious with the pressure you put on the pump, if not you will end up with lots of products. For me 2 pumps already enough. This product contain of 160ml. For me it's such a huge amount. The price at Guardian store is Rm20.70 but on Guardian Website is Rm25, so it's better to buy it at Guardian store  rather than it's website.
The packaging also has the lock so it will not pump itself when you not used it. Just don't forget to lock the pump!
It's has mild foamy texture. 
Doesn't require a lots of time to make bubble as it's already bubbly when you pump from the bottle. Obviously that is why it's call foamy wash. It has the mild lemongrass scent which is I like because it's not so overwhelming. This scent give a fresh feeling on your face. 
It's design for combination and oily skin so it really does minimise my pore a little and control oiliness of my face. I used this product for a month now and I love the ways it is. It also give me a smooth skin after used it. 
In the nut shell:
💖Foamy texture; save times 
💖Good amount of products
💖Nice scent
💖Do control oil and minimise pore
💖Has lock function on the pump

😧 A little pricey for face wash
😧Packaging to big and not suitable for travel

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