New Metholatum Botanics Face Wash

UPDATE: My skin break outs after 3 days of using this products, so I stop. I guess this product does not react well with my face but I bought another product in the same range and its works well on me. So I recommend to buy this product suitable to your skin, in my case combination skin. The link of the post is here Metholatum Botanics . My advice just: Avoid for all types skin as it makes me break out but different people different effect so try it first before jump into any conclusion!!!
I just received free sample from Metholatum which is face wash that come from their new product range which is Botanics. I already know about this product and make a survey at my local Guardian but since I already fill the form requesting the sample so I just wait to try the sample before spend my money on the actual size product😂
The sample that I received is Hydra Whitening Face Wash come with the cute tube (12g) that is suitable for all skin types.
Front and Back view of the products
This product do have the floral scent like its claim and have a thick consistency not like the other Metholatum product which is more liquidity.
After use the product, my face did not have the soft feeling but that is common thing for Metholatum products since I have been using this brand for whole my life😂
This product come with different formula for different skin type such as for combination skin/ oily skin/ dry skin. On top of that this product comes in 3 packaging which are tube, bottle and foam bottle.
Yes, this products also available in foam consistency and I definitely gonna get my hand on that one as it has the formula for combination skin!
The price is quite affordable which is in range of RM10.90 (100g) - RM25.90 (160g/ foam) and only available at Guardian.
If you want to try this product just fill in the form:
Metholatum Botanics Sample Form
P/s: Apart from the sample, you will also get RM5 voucher to purchase this product!

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