Good Virtues Co Radiant Raya Set: First Impressions

So I just discover this particular brand which is Good Virtues Co. on Facebook. I am so lame, I know.  I went to their website which I have link above :) I got a good bargain since they have  a promo pack that valid till 29th July 2016! Hurry up girls. Basically it's cost RM49.90 for 6 items plus pouch bag and sampul raya. It's really reasonable because the most of the products are literally in actual size!!!! Moreover, they make a promotion on website that if you bought the items from RM29 and above, you will get free postage and this offer is valid till 1st August 2016. So here are my first impression in note form since I also make a video about this, so feel free to watch it too. 
This brand has Halal certificate, paraben, SLES free and cruelty free. The products are made from black oil seed (Habattus Sauda) that we know have a really great benefits.
I just know that this products also be sold at Watson around Malaysia and have a lots of range products from face to body!
This are particularly the products that I received and individual impression will be briefly explained below. I forgot to take the photos of the products textures and consistency but if you want to know it just watch the video.

Radiant&Renewing Anti Bacterial &Hydrating Shower Cream(80ml)
So this is the shower cream but in gel like consistency. Not runny at all and have really sweet floral scent plus the packaging is so cute!
Sensible&Serene Lightening Feminine Hygiene Wash(150ml)
I really like when this product is including on this set because it so hard to find this particular product that have halal certificate. the consistency is slightly runny. the smell also floral scent.
Happy&Heavenly Healthy Hair&Scalp Shampoo for All Hair Types(180ml)
The consistency is like a shower cream and it's smell flowery with a hitch of sweetness. I'm not sure is it lightweight or what since I still not use it but I will update more on this.

Glowing&Goodness Brightening Facial Cleanser(100ml)
The consistency is not runny at all and I'm sure that it will make  a good amount of foam. its also have flowery smell. I can't wait to use its as I love paraben free products on my face. Feel much more safer I guess!
Radiant & Renewing Anti Aging Hand&Body Lotion(150ml)
This product has a liquidity consistency and I have to remind you to not shake the tube it as it will puke the products when you open it! Its deposit a lots of product when I first open it. Also the product is little be sticky but so moisturizing. I love the smell of flower as it not so overwhelmed but just right.
Helpful&Delightful Healthy Hair&Scalp Conditioner for All Hair Types(180ml)
The consistency is like the usual conditioner and no so dense. the smell is similar to the smell of the shampoo since I guess it's from the same range. Looking forward to try it and experience what its do to my hair. Hope that is not make my hair down.

P/s: This is my first impression and I will update more on this products after I try it for month, so stay tune for more information on the products!

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