Review: Bourjois Rouge Edition AQUA Laque

So during the busyness of #MYCyberSale , I managed to get my hand on this lipstick!
Usual price basically RM34 but I bought this item on promo 3 items for RM49 on Hermo.My (make it 1 item form RM16)
Along side the lipstick I bought 2 tubes of mascara because why not💁 
Let's get back to our review. This lipstick have 8 shades but I only got 1 shade since I'm looking for an everyday look make up (That suit for me to go to university)
I bought the last shade which is 
08 Babe Idole.
This shade is soft pink colour that is not too overwhelmed and need to build in the layer by layer to get this colour. I make 2 layers and it's turns out good. Nice for everyday make up look as the colour so subtle and not to bright. (Depends on how many layer you applied)
Colour pay off on my lip
(Excuse my bare face)
Different flash off and on.

I honestly didn't like the smell as it's smell so artifical  (chemical kind of smell)
It's moisturise my lip as it not matte finish.
Just a nice wet finish.
Moreover this lipstick do leave stain and basically will dissappear when you eat or drink water😂😂😂 so you need to reapply it, if not you only left with ring around your lip. 
It also claimed that it can stand for 10hours in giving the hydration and hold the colour up. ( I will try to wear it for up to 10 hours and updated this below)
You also need to use lip make up remover as it does stain on you lip like liptint😯

Overall it's  a good lipstick for its price IF you didn't mind the smell.
You have to finish this lipstick within 6 months!!!
I guess that is everything for my review. Thank you for reading😗

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