Review: RIRE Lip POWDER!!!

I'm gonna do another review and today will be about RIRE LIP POWDER! 
It's basically a powder that when have contact with moist surface it will turn into lipstick consistency.
I bought this for RM24/each on Althea Website (use Airaamir for discount)
It's has 4 shade which are 
💄01 Fashion Red
💄02 Hot Plum 
💄03 Sugar Rose
💄04 Orange Pop
But I only got my hands on 2 shades which are shade 02 and 03.
It has dope applicator and make the application more easier.

Swatches on my Hand

Shade 02 Hot Plum is a bright pink and great if you want to go dare with colour!
03 Sugar Rose is mild version of the red.
I honestly in love with shade 03 as its so nice and not overwhelmed in colour. Good for everyday use!
Colour pay off on my lip

The pigmentation is like you apply the lip tint and it doesn't weird at all because tint is the famous thing in Korea.
You have to apply it for more than 1 layer to build up the colour.
It's last long but felt a little be dry.
Doesn't taste appealing to my tongue when I accidentally taste it. 
Nice scent and barely can smell it.
It so fun and weird to apply powder that can change it consistency! 
Be careful to avoid mess as this powder really can make mess!

For more info, watch my video review;

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