2011: amazing year ever! !!

new years is around the corner...
and I will back to school..
this year was very adventure year because I got so many sweet and bitter memory..

my sweet memory was when I had trip to Penang with my school friends.  and during this school holidays I went to the land of rising sun and touched the snow for a first time..now was two weeks I leave Japan. it was very amazing trip ever and I also got new friends at there..
next year I will take PMR.. I was very excited and hope next year also the best moment in my life..
As a normal girl, I also had bitter memory like had be betrayed by people that I trust so much.. But I cannot be sad with that thing because that was a reason to all that happen in this world.. maybe my bitter memory want me to not easily trust people that we had meet less than two years..
now I want to change my life and forget all the stupid memory and have a good moment in my life..
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qlah said...

you cannot have a rainbow witout a little rain . be strong !

gonna miss u :'(

lady lavender said...

thank you for your advice qlah..

i will miss you too..

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